How much hydrogen carbonate does a mineral water need?

We know that mineral water is healthy for the body. But are there variations? For years it was wrongly claimed that “low in sodium” would be healthier. Now it is being claimed that as much hydrogen carbonate as possible is healthy. Is this all just a trend? Or is there really something to it?

Acids and bases in the body

In order for metabolic processes in the body to function correctly, the blood needs to have a very specific acid-base balance. Read more
hydrogencarbonat und mineralwasser

Useful hydrogen carbonate

Hydrogen carbonate is a natural substance, which is produced in the human body itself – so do we still need additional hydrogen carbonate? Read more
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Which mineral water?

Mineral waters containing more than 1,300 mg of hydrogen carbonate per litre can assist the body by adjusting or alleviating disorders in the acid-base balance. Read more

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